Welcome back!


Your TVWRA Board hopes everyone is doing well. We want to share with you information about the association that impacts our 2022 operating year.

We had a good year in 2021 but are faced with several challenges this season.  Before we open the doors in May, we will incur at least $25,000 in repairs.  We have a crushed backwash line that will require concrete to be dug up, the crushed pipe to be located, and the required replacements.  Our main pool pump needs to be replaced, and we are choosing to upgrade to a three-phased pump that will be more efficient.  We also will be replacing our electrical panel in the pump room and rewiring, as needed.  We have been putting off the acid washing of the pools during the COVID seasons but need to complete this before we open.  Additionally, the second year of the minimum wage increases went into place on January 1.  Our SwimMetro management contract will increase from $68,506 to $74,400 to cover the increases in lifeguard and lifeguard manager salaries.  

Because of our steady membership prior to COVID and good financial management through the years, we are fortunate to have funds set aside for critical repairs such as is needed this year.  We will use our savings and capital maintenance fund to cover most of these needs.  We, however, will need to look to our membership to help offset the impact of other escalating operating expenses and this year's minimum wage increase.  To accommodate this, we will increase dues by $10 across all memberships.  We will still offer an early pay discount for those paying in full by March 31.  This year the discount is $50.  


We will keep our hours the same as last season's; however, because Henrico County public schools are opening prior to Labor Day and we will be unable to get lifeguards to manage the pool the first week school is open, we will adjust our schedule slightly in August.

                            2022 Operating Schedule                                  

May 28 - August 28

Monday -Thursday     11:30am - 8pm                                       

Friday                         11:30am - 9pm                                        

Saturday                     10:30am - 9pm                                       

Sunday                       10:30am - 8pm                                           


      Memorial Day and Fourth of July - close at 9pm  


Closed Monday August 29 - Thursday, September 1


Labor Day Weekend Hours 

Friday, September 2           5 pm to 9 pm

Saturday September 3      10:30 am - 9 pm

Sunday, September 4        10:30 am - 9 pm

Monday, September 5       10:30 - 9 pm


After Labor Day Hours through September 25

Monday - Friday      closed                                                 

Saturday                  12 am - 5 pm                                          

Sunday                    12 am - 5 pm                                                                             


We will continue to be faced with challenges in the coming seasons that will impact our operations.  This will not be the last increase in minimum wage for Virginia. The list of increases by year is 


      May 1, 2021          $ 9.50 / hour  

      January 1, 2022    $11.00 / hour  

      January 1, 2023    $12.00 / hour  

      January 1, 2025    $13.50 / hour (if reenacted by the General Assembly prior to July 1, 2024)  

      January 1, 2026    $15.00 / hour (if reenacted by the General Assembly prior to July 1, 2024)  


Additionally, Henrico County Schools will open another week earlier in 2023 than in 2022.  We will work to implement these changes with the least impact to our members as possible.


Several clarifications and updates were made to our rules and regulations this year, including

  •     Members and guests will not engage lifeguards in unnecessary conversation while the guard is on duty. 

  •     A child, 5 and under, may be in the 3-foot area during adult swim, provided the child is within arm's reach of the adult in the water.

  •     Proper swimming attire is required.  No thongs, Brazilian bikinis or cutoff materials is allowed.

  •     Balls cannot be thrown from one deck to the other.  At least one of the persons throwing the ball must be in the water.  

  •     Swim aides attached to a child's body is allowed in the 3-foot area, only when the child is supervised by a responsible person in the water                within arm's reach of the child.

  •     People diving have priority over swimmers in the diving well.    

  •     Out of town guests must live beyond 50 miles from the pool.

  •     A guest fee will not be charged to a child under the age of 1.

  •     A guest may not exceed three visits in a calendar month.

Nina Nolley, TVWRA President