April 3, 2021


We wanted to give you a glimpse into what we are thinking about for the 2021 season.


We are waiting on the governor's guidance for pools before we can finalize our COVID guidance for 2021, but we want you to know we will have fewer restrictions this year.  We will let up to 225 members in at one time; the guards will be monitoring the capacity numbers.  Social distancing and masks in the covered areas will continue to be required.  The guards will sanitize tables and chairs as members leave throughout the day.   


There will be no signup required except for holiday weekends (Saturday, Sunday and Monday).    We will only have one session during the week and weekends.  On holiday weekends, we will have 2 shifts each day and will use Signup Genius for reservations. Our hours in 2021 will be:


May 29 - Labor Day, September 6

Monday -Thursday    11:30am - 8pm                                       

Friday                        11:30am - 9pm                                         

Saturday                    10:30am - 9pm                                       

Sunday                      10:30am - 8pm                                        

Holidays                   10:30 am - 9pm  

2 sessions:  10:30 am - 3:30 pm; 4:00 pm - 9:00 pm                        


After Labor Day Hours

Friday                        closed                                                  

Saturday                  12am - 5pm                                         

Sunday                    12am - 5pm                                                                                          



We will allow guests during the week, but not on the weekends or holidays.  Parties will not be held, and rentals will not be allowed.  We plan on bringing in some food trucks through the summer.  We will have a swim team, with virtual meets. 


We will have open houses on May 22 and May 23 from 1 to 4 pm, weather permitting.  Tell your friends.  We have memberships available! 


Of course, if the governor announces stronger restrictions, we will have to adjust our guidelines.



We are hoping this season will be more like "normal," while keeping TVWRA as clean and safe as possible.  If you have questions, please let me know.

Nina Nolley, Membership Chair