After much deliberation, it is with a very heavy heart that TVW will not field a team for the upcoming season.  After reviewing swim team financials, CDC guidelines and guidelines that are being presented by our swim management company the season will not be feasible.  I feel that complying with the conditions would make our ability to have practices and meets impossible.  Our team is self-funded. Income is generated from swim team registration, sponsorship and concession sales, which has all been impacted this season and our team would not remain financially viable. 

As of today, GRAL is still planning on having a season even if it is modified.  If meets are not able to begin by June 26th, there will be no GRAL sanctioned meets.  By not fielding a team, this does not affect our standing with GRAL.  We will be able to return in 2021. 


GRAL is waiving the “member in good standing provision” for swimmers who do not have a home team for the 2020 season. A swimmer may swim for another GRAL team without joining their pool.  You would need to contact another pool/swim team to see if they are allowing this. 

This was a very difficult decision to make and it pains me to be the bearer of this bad news.

Stay well. 

Allison Unowitz