Just want to keep everyone in the loop regarding the 2021 season.  You are receiving this email because you have either shown interest/committed to the 2021 season or was a part of the 2019 season.


1.      As of today, we have 39 swimmers that have shown interest/committed. Thank you to those that have reached out.

2.      We will utilize SWIMTOPIA again for our swim team website.  The site is 90% complete.   Hopefully, it will answer most questions you may have regarding the upcoming season. Please take a moment to check it out.  It will be updated weekly, as I receive additional information.

3.      As it stands right now, the season will be virtual.  We will swim at our own pool and merge times with the competition.  The season will consist of 6 swim meets (DATES TBD) and CHAMPS.  CHAMPS will be held on Monday, July 26th and Tuesday, July 27th @ SWIM RVA. Meets will be held on Wednesday nights.

4.      We are actively looking for our Head Coach and Assistant Coach positions. They have been posted on the GRAL website and TVW Facebook page. 

5.      Still looking for someone who is willing to solicit sponsorships for the 2021 season. You will be provided with all the necessary paperwork-- list of current sponsors, potential sponsors and a sponsorship letter. If interested please respond by March 1st.

6.      As you know, TVW Swim Team is self-funded.  Our income is generated from swim team registration, sponsorships and concession sales.  Obviously concession sales will be limited; drinks, snacks and candy can be sold at our meets.  I have also scheduled a couple spirit nights to raise funds- CHIPOTLE (April 21st) and GELATI CELESTI (May 5th).  

If you already know your intentions for the 2021 season, please shoot me an email letting me know your decision.

Feel free to reach out with any questions or concerns. 

Allison Unowitz